Thursday, August 11, 2016

Workout Thursday

So off to the gym again this morning. It has been almost a week since the last workout, but I had bad headaches this week and we just weren't feeling well. I hate to say my headaches are migraines, since I read such horror tales about people with real migraines. They have auras and need to stay away from light and/or noise. Mine aren't that bad. I have some sensitivity to light and/or sound, but nothing like what I read about.

I feel bad for them. On the other hand, the headaches were bad enough that I just didn't feel like working out. But this morning (despite a residual headache) we dressed out and went anyway.

On a Thursday! (Thursdays are run-the-vacuum/laundry days.)

Bench Press - 10x145, 10x145

Bicep curls - Inward 20x35, 10x50, 10x55, 10x60, 10x55, 10x50, Straight 15x35, 15x40, 15x40
Tricep Extension - 10x50,10x60,10x70,10x60,10x50
Tricep Overhead Machine - 10x50,10x55,10x60,10x55,10x50
Tricep Pushdown - 20x140, 12x150, 20x160
Lat Pulldowns - 12x100, 12x100,12x100
Pec Deck - 12x100, 12x100, 12x100
Pec Cable - 10x35, 10x35, 10x35

Seated Leg Press: 50x240
Calf Raises (on Seated Press): 50x240

Looks a lot like the other workout days, but that's okay. My muscles are tired and it was an okay workout.

Then I came home and washed my car and ran the vacuum. 

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