Monday, October 17, 2016

A Cabin in the Woods

Things I learned in a cabin in the woods
  1. I like air conditioning. Eighty-seven degrees is still hot, even when your cabin is over water and under trees. I'm just not a pioneer.
  2. I like technology. When I signed up for the cabin, it clearly stated they had no television and no phone. Darling and I have cell phones, so that's no problem. Except it is. There's no service in this little cabin in the piney woods.
  3. I like my internet. I use it to watch television. Yeah, that goes with point #2.
  4. I'm not a big fan of walking around in nature. The cabins are immersed in nature. Alligators in the water, bugs in the room, sweat in my eyes. You get the idea. Nature is everywhere, and it isn't my friend. Much of it seems to want to eat me.
  5. A comfortable bed is rare. Darling and I have a nice house. Over the years we refined our living so that it is very comfortable. Basically, our home is more comfortable than any place we can rent.
  6. Food is a problem. When you're in the woods, you are far away from eateries. I don't mind that, except we don't really want to ferry in the supplies we need to make delicious, nutritious meals on the stove in the cabin. So we eat sandwiches or at the restaurant on site. They had a marvelous seafood buffet on Friday, and we both went to bed bloated with fried food in our bellies. We didn't sleep well.
  7. I should bring something to whittle. I did bring my current book and worked on that some. (There was a book on whittling and carving on the mantel of the fireplace. How amazing is that?)

The most important lesson I learned in the cabin in the piney woods: as long as I'm with Darling, I'm okay. We can sit on the little swing and take pictures of alligators and look for birds and talk about nothing. Or we can tap into the wi-fi on site and watch Netflix movies and laugh together.

Or we can just go home, where we are more comfortable.

And we don't have alligators.

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