Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hardwired to Sin

We're hardwired to sin.

I don't think anyone will argue with that, except that some will say they aren't really sinning. I don't engage in those discussions any more.

There are two outcomes to sin. 

Your heart hardens, and you rationalize your behavior. As that occurs again and again, you no longer recognize your sin. I know; I've been there and God had to break my heart to soften it.

You grieve over your behavior. Perhaps you vow to change. Perhaps the grief slips into depression that you can't seem to ever change your behavior.

The bad news is that you cannot change your sinful actions. The good news is that God can. I've been there, too.

Don't give up on God's forgiveness or His capacity to understand you and love you. Satan has one trick - the infinitely adjustable subtle change from "God says" to "God meant" and Satan will convince you that God can't love a sinner like you.

He does. He loves you so much that He died for you, to pay the price for the sins He already knew you would commit, the failures He knew you'd succumb to.

There are still days at the age of sixty that I curl into a small ball (figuratively) and crawl into God's lap, begging Him to simply hold me and keep me safe for just a while. He never fails me.

He will never fail you, either. 

Run to Him, not from Him. 

Let your heart be broken and not hardened.

God loves you, all the time - even when you fail.

Thanks for reading.

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