Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Just a quick note to let you know we're still around. I haven't written anything in two weeks because I'm SICK. Man, getting old is for the birds. I remember getting a cold when I was younger and I shook it off in a couple days. Now it takes two weeks.

Darling caught this bug from me, but with her it always moves to bronchitis, so she's really having a horrible time with coughing.

I did go see a specialist about my migraines. I'll keep you posted on that, thanks for asking.

And my monitor went bizarro on me, so I switched it with a spare from the other room.

In Starbound, I figured out how to make an Erchius reactor - everyone should have one. The same technique can be used to create healing water, which isn't useful since they didn't give us the ability to make potions with it, but it does glow a nice blue, so you can use it to highlight constructions.

Or use lava. Or both.

Thanks for reading. Back to my bottle of medicine and off to bed!

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