Monday, May 15, 2017

Christ alone - and only

The message in church on Sunday was clear - you get into heaven by Christ alone, by the price he already paid. You just need to accept the gift.

This is the key difference between Christianity and other religions.

You don't need to give all your money away.

You don't need to follow a set of rules written in other books.

You don't need to kill infidels or martyr yourself (which seems a contradiction to me anyway).

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is all you need. Your ticket is punched. Your seat is reserved.

You just need to get on the train.

There. That summed it up.

Funny, though. The preacher took over twenty minutes to give that same message.

It's like I said during our Ecuador mission trip when they asked me to speak.

Tengo solamente cinco minutos hablar. Pero en el Bautista Iglesia, cinco minutos son todos los tiempos!

Yeah, I don't know if the Spanish was correct, but it got a laugh.

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