Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Choose Yourself! James Altucher has a new book!

James Altucher has a new book! It is called Choose Yourself and available at Amazon in Kindle and paperback versions. James will actually pay people back when they read his book. Well, he has plans to refund your money if you read it in the first ninety days of publication and send him the receipt with proof you read the book. Details of his deal are on his blog. His dear wife Claudia thinks he lost his mind.
I mention James in a lot of my posts, actually. I first mentioned him when he wrote a post about Memorial Day that had me thinking. I also thank him in my newest book, My Mother-in-law Misadventures, but he probably doesn't know that. He's the one that made me realize it was possible to self-publish my book. (And no, my Dearest Daughter, self-publishing is not the same as vanity publishing. It's a lot more work.)
I've read 27% of his book according to my Kindle reader. Much of it relates to James' Daily Practice, which is amazing, but he gives more details than ever before. As usual, his reading style is pretty much all his own.
I plan to write to James and do an on-line interview in the near future. I'll post it here, of course. I'm trying to come up with ten good questions; that's one of the things James says to do daily - make lists.

I have no idea how to get people to go buy my book on Amazon. I'm not the established blogger that James is, so I don't have the readership following him. My book is funny, a bit wistful and has some first-hand WWII stories in it, directly as Frau told them to me and her daughter. People don't know me, though. People do know James!
Go buy his book, on Kindle or paperback. Read it. It has the potential (seriously) to change your life. It's your choice, of course, but you have nothing to lose. Read the book and James will even refund your money.

You can't get a better deal for a book that can revolutionize your world! Go ahead, take that little step…

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