Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bits and Pieces - August 29, 2013

Toon Town is closing down. That a virtual world that has now been around for a decade. I don't know where the population of a virtual world goes when the world closes down. Virtual heaven?

These devices are designed to help you survive a natural disaster. Most of them are just small self-enclosed receptacles that will (supposedly) keep you alive until help arrives or you emerge from the disaster. It makes me think of something my brother told me once. When he was in the Army Reserves they drove around in the forests for the weekend on four-wheelers and in Humvees and practiced digging holes and burying themselves. In case of disaster. I guess that's so nobody else needs to come bury you after. The only device I liked was the solar water purifier.

I have to admit, even though I get seasick, the title caught my eye. Who isn't looking for adventure and the chance to sail around the world for free. Okay, the article should say "no cost" since most of them still involve working your way. We haven't come that far from the days of tramp steamers ferrying adventurous men to new continents, have we?

As of Sunday, there have been 488 dolphin strandings from New York to North Carolina. It looks like the dolphins are dying from something like measles. So the world is already being hit by a pandemic - it just hits the oceans first.

We have a new element in the Periodic Table, with an atomic number of 115. That's good. We needed something to make up for losing a planet!

Like pixel art? Who doesn't? If you have a Mac you can use this program to make your own. Or you could just play Minecraft!

If you're wondering whether you should get a full-size iPad or an iPad mini, Charlie tells you the decision points to consider. I've always liked his writing style.

There are a lot of ways to watch TV and movies on your iPad. This is a list of ten of those ways.

One of the most amazing things about a Mac is the Automator tool. This is a walk-thru on how to use it to clean up your working screen, but it gives you an idea of the power of Automator. Really, it should be a superhero name for someone…

I've been trying to lose weight. Yeah, I know, I need to push away from the table more, but aside from that there are a lot of plans out there for losing weight. This one looks like it will be fun, and we get to enjoy it vicariously. The soylent plan…I don't think it's people, but I plan to send a message to Charlton Heston - oh wait, he's dead… *

And here's Day 2 of his Soylent experiment. This looks like it will be fun to follow - and I don't need to drink the stuff to enjoy some of the benefits.

One of my best friends has been doing research on 3D printers. He's quite optimistic, which I am not. It's articles like these that make me realize the industry is barely into infancy.

I'm not saying 3D printing is bad stuff. I think it has great potential, but we're at the same place now as computers were when we fed them paper tape to boot them. 3D printing will be monumental someday, and NASA agrees with me. They used it to print a rocket engine.

My hometown newspaper (yes, I've been here for forty-three years, but Rockford is still my hometown) has a weekly column on taxes. This week, though, he addresses Obamacare in one of the most thoughtful summaries I've ever seen.

While I was researching some of these articles I ran across a website about the Art of Manliness. I'll have to go back and review it later.

* Charlton Heston was born John Carter. Why in the world would someone change their name if they are called John Carter?

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  1. The Rockford Squire (Tax Attic) Obamacare articles are easy to understand. Thanks for sharing. -Wes-