Saturday, August 3, 2013

Some Firefly Links

Yeah, I'm almost a year late for Firefly's 10th anniversary. So what? Firefly stories are always good news!

From 3/15/13 Joss Whedon, Firefly And Kickstarter

From 10/7/12 A Must-Have Book For Every Browncoat,Firefly: A Celebration

From 9/20/12 Happy 10th Anniversary Firefly!

From 7/16/12 SDCC Firefly Panel: Prepare to Bawl

I need to jump back into development and put together a Firefly Portal App for iOS and Droid. Let's see, these links would need to be in it, as well as links to some of the better YouTube videos. Some links to the better pages that talk about Firefly, and a couple to Amazon for buying the series and Serenity and related books and stories. Worth doing?

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