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Tidbits, August 19, 2013

No budget for clothes, apparently
We watched a movie on Netflix last night. Called AE: Apocalypse Earth, the movie stars Richard Grieco (haven't seen him in a while) and Adrian Paul as Lt. Frank Baum (really? Oz anyone?). When Adrian Paul appeared in the movie I thought it couldn't be him because he looked so young, but Darling pointed out it is Netflix so the movie could be old. Turns out it was made in 2013! So he still looks good. His love interest (he always has one) is Lea (the first movie for Costa Rican actress Bali Rodriguez), a native of the planet the team crash lands on. Okay, it wasn't the best film, but it sure wasn't the worst I've seen. The ray guns were pretty cheesy, but IMDB says it only had a million dollar budget, so overall, for the price, that's pretty good.

Since the networks cancelled Primeval: New World, Darling and I decided to watch the original series (Primeval) on Netflix.  So far I like it pretty well.

Fox News has a slideshow of the wackiest gadgets. I'm not that impressed, except by the tin can robot. That's cool. Maybe I want one.

They also have a slideshow of the twenty places we should all visit in the USA. I thought I'd probably seen most of them. I was wrong. I'll list the places so you don't need to visit the site, but the slideshow is nice.
(Highway 1, French Quarter, National Mall, Las Vegas Strip, Yellowstone National Park, Times Square,  Nashville, Grand Canyon, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Disney's Magic Kingdom, Independence National Historical Park, Taos Pueblo, Fenway Park, South Beach, Civil Rights District, Gettysburg National Military Park, Chicago, Ill., Ellis Island, Pearl Harbor, Metropolitan Museum of Art)

This makes me worry. How many other things can be remotely controlled? And really - prison doors? This doesn't look good on any level.

There have been a lot of bear attacks in recent weeks, across a number of states. Wildlife specialists think it is simply coincidence and a larger than normal number of bears.
Michigan, Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho,

The government finally admitted Area 51 is real, but it isn't anything special except a testing site for the government aerial surveillance programs. Days after this announcement a buddy of mine mentioned that the ISS has noticed something hovering on the portside. (Okay, it's probably just an old EVA bag, and I don't even know if I'm allowed to mention it, but there it is for both my readers.) Still, the fictional Area 51 sites are much better than reality!
(And why was it kept such a secret all these years?)

People say there aren't any good comic books with heroines. I disagree. The first volume of Delilah Dirk is free to read on-line. You can thank me later.

I don't know why I never heard of Kristine Kathryn Rusch before, but I finally read the first volume of her Retrieval Artist series. I liked it. You might too.

I thought some of my favorite writers disappeared from Turns out they simply went to a different site…

… where they still write cool articles like this one on an older television series starring David McCallum from (from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and NCIS). It isn't on Netflix, though, and neither are the two other shows they mention: The Woman in Black and even Welcome to Night Vale.

Since my brother Barry is now heading off to teach another year I thought I'd post these quotes about teachers. He feels under-appreciated, and I don't blame him. In many countries teachers are revered. Barry has to take a pay cut under the current Michigan administration - again - after the State reneged on health care promises made decades ago.

Just a quick aside, since I'm talking about Michigan. I thought about investing in some property in my home state, but the current Republican governor has made the state some place I don't want to be involved in. The current Michigan administration even taxes retirement benefits. It's a beautiful state, but if they keep this up it will become unpopulated.

Scientists managed to take another step into the technology of teleportation. We aren't quite at the "Beam me up, Scottie" era, though.

These guys are making Google glass look better. They still won't let me wear it at work, no matter how cool they look.

On the artistic side, here are some absolutely amazing photos of water. Who knew water was so beautiful?

If water isn't your thing, how about a pencil sketch. Really. Take a look.

As a gamer I have to admit I'm a little fascinated by this game review. But there aren't any explosions and nothing to shoot. Sounds like Mist.

I won't tell you what this slideshow identifies as ten of the most addicting phone games out there, but I will give you a hint. Curse you, Candy Crush!

If you're really busy (like I should be) WIRED says these are the only tech guys you need to follow. No, I'm not on their list.

WIRED also says these are the only business guys you need to follow. I'm not on that list either, and neither is James Altucher. I'm not sure WIRED has all the latest information… (just kidding).

If you're looking for a new place to live…
If you have a couple extra million, $2.5 million to be exact, you can get this nice place in New Mexico that is totally independent. I don't know where the nearest neighbor is though. Maybe that's why the owner is selling; he got lonely.

And here are three Texas ranches you might want to look at, all near Blanco, Texas. Why Blanco? Because zombies probably won't make it that far when the Zombie Apocalypse occurs. (Yes, they all use Trulia, but I like Trulia.)
A nice little ranch in west Texas for a little less than a million dollars, but you get two houses on 16 acres.

Which makes this place look like a bargain at only half that price, is on 3.8 acres and near town. I don't guarantee that Blanco has a theater, though.

This one costs a bit more, but it has a pond on 21 acres. With fish.

Yeah, I'm doing research for one of my stories…

If you're an iOS developer (like I sometimes am) you need to have. I don't have them all yet, but I like  the templates, but I can see where they might be useful in the development cycle.

The new iOS is going to drive me nuts. Icons are a major pain for me, since I'm not a gifted artist like Darling. This does make it much easier. If you need to make icons, you'll like it, but you need Photoshop.

And if you are a developer, you'll want to know how people think the competitors are doing. This guy gives nine ways the Windows phone is better than iPhones. He has some good points, actually.

Finally, if you read this far, you deserve an original bit of wisdom from me. I was thinking the other day, on the way home from work (amazing!). Some of us grow up to be leaders. Some of us grow up to be followers. Some of us don't grow up at all.

Thanks for reading!

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