Monday, November 14, 2016

Peter - the Famous Failure

Peter the Apostle failed.

When Jesus called him from the boat, Peter sank.

When the Romans captured Jesus, Peter denied him.

When Jesus died on the cross, Peter was absent.

Life is hard and we all fail.

Look again. 

Of all the apostles on the boat, Peter is the one who stepped out. Jesus lifted him from the water when he sank. He tried, failed and grabbed the hand of the Redeemer.

As the Romans beat Jesus, Peter tried to be there. When confronted, he failed, as Jesus foretold. When he failed this time, he went off and wept.

As Jesus cried "It is finished," Peter stayed hidden, probably still weeping at the loss of his friend and Master. Peter did not understand.

Look once more.

When the women told the disciples that the tomb was empty, Peter and John ran to see. Peter stooped down and entered the empty tomb.

What do you think he did then?

He searched. He prayed. He dared to hope that a loving God, Jesus, would have mercy on him and forgive him

That's exactly what happened.

No matter how badly you have failed, ask God for help and guidance. Search for Him and His forgiveness. You will find it.

Your life will never be the same.

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