Wednesday, March 29, 2017

FBAR Scam, but not illegal

FBAR (not to be confused with FUBAR, but the one can lead to the other) is a government required Foreign Bank Account Reporting that you must file if you have one or more foreign bank accounts that total more than $10,000 in assets. It is another of the methods the USA uses to track illegal drug trafficking money. I won't comment on how effective it all is, but there is a sort-of scam you need to be aware of.

Yeah, you didn't want to read all that. Here's the scam.

If you google FBAR, the very first link reads:

Fbar Filing - FinCEN Foreign Bank Accounts Form - and links to Don't click it!

It's a legitimate link and they ask you all the correct FBAR questions. When you finish, they want you to pay them $350 to file for you!

Go to the FREE Government Link

The government web site asks exactly the same questions, in exactly the same order and then lets you file for FREE with the USA.

So what the "efilefbar" people are doing is legitimate, but misleading and (in my opinion) not very ethical. Oh, and if you fill out all their boxes and squares (thinking you are on the free government site), but realize your mistake when they ask for money - then they start sending you email messages to tell you how much the government can penalize you for not filing the FBAR.

The government will penalize you if you don't file and should, and they'll penalize you a LOT. So file, but do it directly with the government for free.

It's a brilliant business model, though a first-year programming student could design their site. It just isn't right - getting people to pay their hard-earned money for something that is free elsewhere.

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A New Journey

Honestly, the best part about writing is having people read your work. Otherwise, what's the point?

I had such a good time knowing that people might be reading Hunting August Moon, that I think I'll post my other fiction novel here, starting next Wednesday.

It will take me a little time to do the formatting and posting, and, of course, I'll have a link to Author Comments when I have something to say about a chapter.

So look forward to Safari in the Mist, A Von Crapp Brothers Tale. It's a fun read - and it's yours, one chapter at a time starting next Wednesday!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thank you

A bit over a year ago I started publishing each chapter of Hunting August Moon, one chapter each Wednesday.

Now we're finished! I hope that all of you who logged on to read the story enjoyed it. I hope you enjoyed my other posts as well.

Feel free to chime in - that's what comments are for.

And, yes, I'm working on a few other books, including the sequel to Hunting August Moon.

So thank you to everyone. Now that all the chapters are posted, feel free to point your friends to the posts and have them read the book. If you really liked it, please post a review on Amazon.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hunting August Moon - An Anecdotal Tale

An Anecdotal Tale
Thank you for purchasing Hunting August Moon. I hope you enjoyed it!
Would you please take a few minutes and write a review? I would appreciate it, and it gives other potential readers the correct guidance for purchasing the book. Please be nice, but certainly be honest.
Just a quick finale on the book, an anecdotal tale about writing it!
I have been writing for half a century now, yet only with the advent of self-publishing does my work become available to you, the reader.
Ideas are easy, really. The hard work is writing. If you are working on your novel, you know that. Keep going. The first book is hardest.
The idea for this book was from a (too-expensive) class I took on self-publishing. They told us to write something that people were interested in - that readers google a lot. (Google is a verb now, right?)
So I did that. My working title for this book came from my analysis in July, 2013 of the top Google searches.
Zombie Apocalypse: Vampire Raiders of Las Vegas was born. Most of the plot sprang to my mind immediately, even with some of the twists you encountered. Other parts changed in the year of writing it. Not one person in my group of encouragers said I should keep the working title. I wanted to, sort of. I still think it was a great title.
At some point in the writing process I changed the title to Wendigo Hunters: Revelations. The problem with that one is obvious (in retrospect). Every person I asked said "Yes, that's cool. What's a wendigo?"
Hunting August Moon is a much better title (although I still like the original one).
I don't yet have a title for the second book of The Immortality Elixir Series, but the cast will return and the plot thickens as the future of the world changes, shaped by the people from Selah Ranch. I was thinking of Zombie Apocalypse: Werewolf Invaders of New York. What do you think?
I expect Tales of the Wendigo Hunters will be another book giving more details of August, Lone Wolf and Claire and their early adventures, before this book. And, of course, keep an eye out for Red Fae. She's too good not to have her own book.
Thanks for reading!
Nov, 2015

Author commentary on Chapter

Friday, March 17, 2017

Hunting August Moon - Epilogue

"Claire's been gone three weeks now. It sure is quiet around here," said Jed, snuggled against Maddie as the cold winds of the coming winter blew against the outside of their bedroom window.
Maddie held Jed close, her left leg over his body, the covers heavy over the two of them in their bed.
"She'll bring him back," she whispered.
"I know. I miss him, though. I know he's a lot older than I am, but he's like a big brother to me," said Jed, stroking Maddie's golden hair.
"Well, that's good to know," whispered Maddie, nibbling on Jed's ear, "because he's going to be an uncle soon."
A knock sounded through the house, a thunderous pounding that rolled and echoed into the living room. Everyone jumped up and Jed headed toward the door, Maddie close behind him. Nancy and Shelly nodded to each other and slid into the shadows on either side of the entry hall. Caru stepped into the shadows of the room. Lone Wolf disappeared. Fae sat at the table staring at the checkerboard. "What?" she muttered, sure that Shelly could hear her. "It's only one guy."
"Well, my lad, it's good to be home!" A middle-aged man stepped in the doorway, wrapping Jed in a huge hug. Snow clung to his clothes. He reached over and tugged Maddie into the embrace, kissing her on the forehead. He pulled a vial of golden liquid from his pocket and held it up. "But we have some big problems!" he said.

Anecdotal story in two days.
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